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solid rubber balls

Solid rubber balls. These dog balls are great for dogs that destroy hollow balls. These dog balls also fit our Ball Launcher. Colours may vary from those shown. Either purchase a single dog ball or take advantage of our offer for three dog balls.





The Dog Frisbee disc is made of flexible, soft and hard-wearing plastic. It is optimal for the popular dog sport. The dog frisbee disc has ideal flight characteristics and is bite-proof and splinter-proof and thus also suitable for young dogs. Playing with Frisbee dog disc trains endurance, reaction and the dog’s speed and promote the relationship between the dog and its owner. Colour may vary to the one shown.

Dog Toy Frisbee



Tail Spinners Dog Toys. These tennis ball dog toys have a fluffy plush fur tail, with squeaker, which appeal to all breeds. Because of the design these dog toys are great for throw and retrieve games. These dog toys are available in three designs - Fox, Wolf and Lynx. Choose from a single or multipack of 3. If you wish a particular colour please contact us, otherwise we will choose one for you at random. Overall length approx 8.5" / 22 cm.






Tail Teasers Dog Toy. Exercise your dog...anywhere! An innovative, one piece design made of a flexible rod encased in a woven nylon cord, this is then reinforced by a durable rubber collar for extra strength. Based on the simple cat toy design, these tail teaser dog toys have been adapted for dogs. The ultimate ‘sofa’ dog toy, just waggle the toy in front of your dog and watch him go mad for it! Each tail teaser comes with 2 squeaky dangling toys. Overall length approx. 43” / 109 cm not including the teaser toy.

Kyjen Tail Teaser Dog Toy Kyjen Tail Teaser Dog Toy - 2 squeakers



Ball Launcher Dog Toy

Ball Launchers. These ever popular dog toys are now even better. By extending your arm the ball is thrown much further, giving your dog more exercise. Rather than bending down and picking up a wet (slobbery!) ball, just scope up the ball with the launcher and throw again.  With our ball launchers you can use most tennis balls or rubber balls.  We now have a shorter version, which is ideal when travelling with your dog or on a day out. Colour may vary from shown.



Travel Ball Launcher Dog Toy



ball launcher for dogs

travel ball thrower for dogs



frisbee for dogs

solid rubber balls for dogs

tail teaser dog toy

tail spinners dog toys in a choice of colours

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Dog agility starter set

Agility Starter Set. For more information, click the photo.

puzzle toy

Interactive Dog Toys. For more information, click the photo.

Large Dog Toys. For more information, click the photo.

Kyjen Jumbo Hedgehog Dog Toy

dog toys

tail spinners

tail teasers

solid rubber balls

dog frisbee

ball luanchers

moon rover rescue

Moon Rover Rescue Dog Ball Toy. The mission: to search and rescue a squeaking moon rover dog toy and bring it home safely to every dog on the planet. For NASA / space fans everywhere! Our rubber 'moon' ball dog toy design is made from a translucent TPE rubber that can be stretched and pulled. The rover is made from a durable rubber and squeaks to entice dogs to find and remove it from the outer rubber 'moon'. For additional fun, this dog toy can be used with other treats, toys and small balls. Overall dimensions: 6” / 15 cm

Kyjen moon rover rescue dog toy Kyjen moon rover rescue dog toy Kyjen moon rover rescue dog toy