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measuring for a dog collar

A. Measure around your dogs neck where the collar sits, allowing two fingers width between the collar (measuring tape) and the dogs neck.

measuring for a dog coat or t-shirt

C. For length, measure your dog from where the collar sits (or would sit) along the spine to where the tail begins.

D. For width / girth, measure around your dog at his widest point, which is just behind the front legs.

E. For coats with full legs, our measurements are the length down the back of the front leg.

For dogs with a large neck and shoulder area, a neck measurement may also be useful when purchasing a coat.

B. Measure your existing collar from the spike (or the spike end of the leather or fabric) to the hole you are presently using. For a growing dog allow a little extra room.

When measuring for a harness, measure the neck (as described in A.) and the Width (D) of the torso at the widest point.





We use the overall length of the dog collar (not including the buckle) as our measurement. All our dog collar pages have a guide to neck sizes as well.

We use the length along the back as the measurement for our dog coats, costumes & T-Shirts.


To measure your dog accurately for either a collar or a coat/ T-shirt follow the instructions below. If you have any problems or would like some advise on either measuring or choosing the correct item for you dog, please contact us direct (details available on our ‘Contact Us’ page).

dog sizing guide and charts



sizing general