Puzzle Treat Dog Toys

Interactive puzzle treat dog toys are for use with your dogs favourite treats. Available in a choice of levels of difficulty and great designs. Level 1 is the easiest – Level 3 is the hardest. These puzzle treat toys can help to stimulate your dogs natural instinct to investigate and explore as well as eliminating boredom. Used by trainers & behaviourists around the world. Made from a tough plastic & rubber. Also available in a range of soft fabric burrows, each with 3 small themed squeaky toys inside.

Enrichment Programs:
These programs have been implemented in zoos throughout the world. Among the methods used to create stimulating environments are food puzzles that encourage animals to investigate and interact with their surroundings. These puzzles allow them to forage for food in ways that come naturally in the wild. This keeps them actively engaged in their zoo-based environments.eats not included. These toys are not indestructible – nothing is.

Dogs & Co attend shows and events up and down the length and breadth of the UK. We take a large selection of our products to the shows, tailoring them to the theme of the event – equine or canine show, Game Fair or Gift. So, if you have seen an item you would like to buy from us in person, and want to know if they will be available, please contact us in plenty of time before the show. We will accomodate you where we can. To find out where we are next follow us on InstagramFacebook or pop over to our events page. if you would like to check if an item is still availble please contact us or use our chat box.