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Microfiber Pocket Towel for Dogs Microfiber Pocket Towel for Dogs MicrofiberTowel Gloves for Dogs MicrofiberTowel Gloves for Dogs Pet hair removal mitt Pet hair removal mitt

Microfiber Pocket Dog Towels. These pocket dog towels are great for drying off your dog, whether it is after bathing, muddy walks or beach. By placing your hands in the ‘pockets’ you can reach underneath and in difficult to reach places. The microfiber toweling  is super absorbent,holds water well, and dries fast. This microfiber dog towel will also pick up loose hair and dander. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours. Fully machine washable 30c. Now available in Red and black.

Medium - 10” x 30” / 25 x 76 cm

Large - 12” x 48” / 30 x 122 cm

Mircofiber Pocket Towel.





Microfiber towel gloves for dogs. These are a great alternative to a full dog towel. Ideal when travelling, camping or use at home. These microfiber dog gloves are great for those hard to reach places or ‘squirming’ dogs! The microfiber toweling is super absorbent, holds water well and dries fast. It will also pick up loose hair and dander.

2 gloves in each pack in a choice of 3 colours



Pet Hair Removal Mitts. These pet hair mitts are perfect for removing unwanted pet hair. These pet hair removal mitts instantly attract and easily remove loose pet hair from your dog to help reduce shedding. It is also designed to remove pet hair from furniture, clothing, carpets and upholstery. There is a thumb hole in the side of the pet hair mitt to make it easier to use, it can also be used on either hand. One size fits all. Now available in red with black trim

These pet hair removal mitts are available in a choice of 3 colours.



Pet Hair Removal Mitt.

Towelling dog dry bags. Click on the picture for more information

Green Towel Dog Dry Bag

Towelling Coats. Click on the picture for more information

Green Towelling Dog Coat

Green / Blue

Taupe / Brown

Red / Black

MicrofiberTowelling Gloves for Dogs Pet Hair Removal Mitt for Dogs Mircofiber Gloves.

large microfiber pocket dog towel

small microfiber pocket dog towel

microfiber towel gloves for dogs

red towel dog gloves

brown towel dog gloves

blue towel dog gloves

Pet hair mitt removal mitts

red dog mitt

brown dog mitt

blue dog mitt

Pet Hair Removal Mitts for Dogs Microfiber Towel & Pet Hair Mitt Set.

Limited Offer - buy the whole set of our Microfiber towels and pet hair mitt at an exclusive Dogs & Co price. The set includes one Pocket Towel (large or small), one pair of microfiber gloves and a pet hair removal mitt. Choose from either taupe / brown or  red / black combinations.





Sold Out - all Microfiber towels

Sold Out - all Microfiber gloves

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Sold Out - all Microfiber towel sets