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we’re all about dogs


Dogs & Co - we’re all about dogs

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Dogs & Co has a large range of fantastic dog toys to suit all breeds and temperaments! Our Ginormous extra large Dog Toys in some of our most popular Dog Toys, including our Giant Snakes & Gorillas. Our hugely popular Migrator Dog Toys are still a firm favourite with all, especially gundogs. For soft mouths and gentle dogs we have a selection of Plush Toys including Alligators & Caterpillars. NO STUFFING dog toys are the must have dog toiy of the moment - and we have a huge selection including Donutz & our multiple squeaker Squeakie Pups in a choice of breed designs. Our choice of Latex rubber dog toys includes ‘animal sound’ large and small pink and black Pigs - now available in Giant size. Latex Flying Ducks and‘hen & rooster’ dressed Chickens with great sound boxes inside. If your dog needs his brain stimulating take a look at our Intelligent Dog Games, including our Plush Puzzle.  We have a great fun Floating Dog Toys which can be used on the beach or near water - floating no squeaker Ball on a Rope great for Gundogs, Boingo Balls with a rattle inside and our simple neon Splasherz  We have a selection of Small Rubber Sets  and Plush Bunny Toys for small mouths and puppies. For dogs who need more stimulation, we have a selection of Interactive treat games and Puzzle Burrow dog toys. Some of our most popular dog toys are now available in Mini dog toys for small mouths. A very tough rubber ball dog toy, “Grubber”  for larger breeds. Warrior Tough and Bite Me dog toys for dogs that like to get up close and personal with their toys! Also available are a selection of innovative and fun dog toys including Bottle Crusherz, Slipper Nests & Telephone dog toys. For dogs who like to play rough with their toys we have a new range of Tough Floating Warrior and Bite Me Dog Toys. For gundogs and dogs that don’t like or are not allowed toys with squeakers we have a selection of No Squeaker Dog Toys



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dog toys

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customer service

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Dogs & Co - we’re all about dogs

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