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Dogs & Co Dog Detangler and Conditioning Spray for matted and unruly hair. ‘Sorted’ dog detangler can be used in conjunction with our no water required dry dog shampoo ‘Anytime’.

Use ‘Sorted’ dog detangler spray with your regular grooming tools to help keep your dog tangle and knot free. This dog detangler spray will also help keep your dogs coat in shiny, good looking health.

No Water Required - Simply spray on to the area that needs detangling or use all over for general grooming and conditioning.

This dog detangler and conditioning spray has a light eucalyptus and mint fragrance.

NO SALT - Salt is added to shampoo to bulk out the product - making it cheaper to manufacture, and to make it lather - to give the ‘impression’ that it is luxurious. Salt is not necessary to the effectiveness of the product.

NO ALCOHOL - Alcohol is added to shampoo to strip the coat (hair in human cases) of the oils that leave it greasy. It is also added to no rinse products to make them dry quicker


We don’t use alcohol or salt in our dog detangler & conditioning spray because they can be drying to the dogs eyes, skin and fur, dogs need oils in their coat to keep it in peak condition. A  dogs skin is far more sensitive than humans and salt and alcohol, in some cases, can lead to mild / serious skin problems and irritation. If your dog has sensitive skin, or has reacted to products before, please patch test (apply a small amount to a small area of skin and leave for 24 hours), before using for the first time.

Sorted detangler and conditioning spray comes in a 8 oz (237 ml) bottle

‘Sorted’ dog detangler

‘sorted’ detangler & conditioning spray



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See what some of our customers are saying about this item:

“Arrived promptly. Used immediately on my two cocker spaniels with show coats. Glides through tangles and mats. Handsome & Contented dogs & happy owner.B.E      

This product [Sorted]definitely works. My Shih Tzu's ear and tail hair get in a terrible tangle at the slightest provocation and this product helps me comb them out quickly and painlessly. It smells nice and, unlike another product I tried, it does not cause him any irritation. Will definitely buy it again.r” M.A                    

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