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Clean Up Urine, Odour & Strain Eliminator. Dogs & Co are proud to launch our brand new dog urine odour & stain eliminator. Clean Up odour eliminator is a unique bio-enzymatic cleaning formulation specifically designed to speed up the natural biodegradation process.

When Clean Up urine remover is applied to any organic related stain or odour, the biological activity works naturally to permanently eliminate the problem.

Clean up urine odour & stain eliminator has a strong, fresh lemon smell - much more pleasant than the usual chemical smell.

Simple and easy to use, Clean Up does exactly what is says - Cleans up! No more unpleasant lingering ‘dog’ smells, this spray also helps to prevent repeat ‘offending’ on the same spot.

Clean Up urine odour & stain eliminator can be used indoors and outdoors. Instructions for use on the back of the bottle.

Clean Up urine odour & stain eliminator comes in a 16 oz (473 ml) bottle with a spray top.

'Clean Up' Urine Odour & Strain Eliminator



‘Clean Up’ pet urine odour & stain remover

‘clean up’ urine, odour & stain eliminator



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clean up

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