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Dog Protection Boots. These dog boots are made of hard-wearing nylon with very durable and strong reinforced heel, toe and sole. With reflective stripe for night / road walking.

Our dog boots are padded with soft fleece for extra comfort for the dog paws. With both elastic cuff and Velcro strap, these dog boots are easy to fit and stay in place. For use when a paw is injured or sore, helps to reduce infection and the rapid healing of an injury or wound.

These dog boots can also be used for ice walking, when injured and general daily use for dogs with sensitive paws. Fully washable.

2 dog boots per pack in a choice of seven sizes. Black only.

Size Guide:  

 XS      Chihuahua   

 S        Yorkshire Terrier   

 M       West Highland Terrier

 L        Border Collie   

 XL      Golden Retriever   

 XXL    Rottweiler   

 XXXL  Newfoundlander   





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