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we’re all about dogs


Dogs & Co - we’re all about dogs

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dog blog

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Dogs & Co - we’re all about dogs

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Dogs & Co have started a blog to impart some of the great things we have learnt over the years. Most of the information either came from customers we have met, or from conversations where a snippet of something interesting was mentioned and we have followed it up online and with industry experts & dog enthusiasts….

cts, funnies and views we have been keeping to ourselves for far to long - so if you would like more information on all things dogs, join our blog and hopefully you may find out something you didn’t know, or just pick up a few tips that may make you and your dogs life more enjoyable, more harmonious or maybe even better. Below are our latest posts.                                                      Join us: Blogger

Please remember Dogs & Co do not vouch for, recommend or condone any of the information contained in the blogs / social media sites either provided by us or other uses / commentators. So please read our blogs, as they are intended, to bring to the fore interesting information, tip bits and fun facts only. If you wish to follow any information or advice contained therein, check it and double check it yourselves with your own trusted methods and advisors. Only you know what is best for your own dogs. Dogs & Co cannot and will not accept any responsibility for your decisions from your reading or interpretation of our blogs / social media sites.

Dogs & Co are also on these great social media sites. Please join us on one or more of your favourites, so we can bring you the very latest our products, news and great photos.

Facebook: is our main social media choice. We regularly post up coming events, competitions, product news, fun videos, pictures and customers reviews. This is the place for you to join us with your own views, news and pictures.

You can also message us their in private (DM) for a chat or with any questions or queries you may have.                             

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Instagram is the place to go to view photos of our own pets behind the scenes, event photos, products in use and also pictures of our customers & followers dogs that have been sent to us.                                                 

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Tumblr: is a combination of all the others above! Our blogs, photo’s, videos and so much more. If this is your choice of social media, we are here too, so why not join us!                                                  

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Pinterest: we have set up pin boards for most of the ranges of our products, so if you want to view (for example) our dog collars all in one place then this is the place to go,not only product photos, but lots of our products on dogs so you get to see them in use. We also have pin boards for funny / meme photos and a general interest board.    

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Twitter: short an sometimes pithy comments and information. Links to our other media sites and our latest news as it happens. If you follow twitter, please come and follow us too.

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First Blog

Ok, so here we go...... Very new to this blogging thing so apologies up front...

Pedigree or Crossbreed

There is a lot of discussion, dare i say "controversy", around whether a dog should have a coat or not?

Dog Coats - do I or don't I ?