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Dogs & Co Dog Beds - Click on one of the pictures or links to view and order your desired dog bed. The Softy range of dog beds come in machine washable Suede, reversible Fleece and Cotton, and two tone Polar Fleece with water proof base. The ever popular Zipped Quilt dog bed is also available in machine washable Suede or fleece, both with zipped covers. Spare covers are also available for our dog quilts. For dogs that feel the heat we have lightly Padded Blankets in Suede with a polar fleece backing, and Tartan Fleece with a anti slip waterproof base. Dogs & Co have great Terrier Tunnels  - which we call Snuggle Bags, that are ideal for small to medium dogs that like to bury under the covers. Take a look at our superb selection of double thick Dog Blankets,  including an extremely cute Westie Dog Blanket. All our beds are fully machine washable, but we also have our Dog Bed Refresher “Revive” for when you don’t have time to wash the dog’s bed!

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dog beds

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