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dirty, wet & smelly dogs

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pet bed refresher odour eliminator towelling wraps 'anytime' dry dog shampoo 'Revive' pet bed refresher Washable Towel Dog Coats 'Clean Up' urine & odour elimintaor towel fleece coat Microfiber dog towels dry dog bags towelling dry dog bags

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For when they come back form a walk or a forage in the garden, and they wet or covered in dirt, mud or worse (fox!). Here are a few suggestions for when enough is enough!!

If you need a hand when they come back from a walk or a forage in the garden, and they are wet or are covered in dirt, mud or just had a nice roll in fresh fox or badger poop! We’ve got just what you want! Our own label towelling dog coat wraps, as well as our ever popular dry dog bags, that are indispensable after bath, beach or wet walks. Or when you are out for the day, pop one of our super absorbent microfiber towels in to your bag. ‘Anytime’ dry dog shampoo is essential for when your dog has rolled in something nasty or smells unpleasant. If you have a problem with urine, biological odours or repeat ‘marking’ then Clean Up odour eliminator works a treat. For your pets bed and sleeping area we have our unique award winning pet bed refresher, which slips into or under a bed or mat.



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