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Some breeds need things that are made especially for them! Whether due to their size, shape or needs. Take a look at our hints and tips.

Some breeds or breed groups need things that are made especially for them, whether due to their size, shape or needs. Whippets, Lurchers, Greyhounds and other similar shaped breeds often need dog coats that are cut especially for their shape. Lots of hounds are thin coated so feel the cold, our snuggle bag dog beds are ideal for tucking themselves into. For long necked dogs our signature leather shaped dog collars are soft and look stunning. Dachshunds & other ‘long’ bodied breeds also need dog coats especially made for them. Low slung and short legged dogs often get very muddy & dirty so close to the ground, our dry dog shampoo could help. Products can be hard to find for larger & giant dogs. Our Paracord dog collars & leads are very strong, durable but still comfortable and are available in larger sizes. Big Dog rope leads are especially designed to be big on strength but shorter than standard to keep your big pal close. Large dog toys for large amounts of fun for big guys & gals.