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Solid Brass Chain Slip Collars. These dog collars are especially deigned for dogs that pull, but they look great on all dogs. These chain dog collars are available in two sizes of chain - fine 3mm links and heavy 4 mm links. When measuring up for a chain dog collar remember to allow enough room to get the dog collar over your dogs head.

The measurements are overall length of chain and one ring.

Take a look at our Half Check Collars made of the same solid brass chain, but with a handmade finest adjustable leather segment as well.

We also have matching solid brass Chain Dog Leads with leather handle

size guide:

Small Fine 20" - Springers / Small Labs

Medium Fine 26”- Medium Labs/ Large Collies

Medium Heavy 26”- Labs / Small GSD

Large Heavy 30”- Rotties/ Small Mastiffs

Xlarge  Heavy 36”- Large Breeds

Solid Brass Chain Choke Dog Collar Fine Solid Brass Chain Choke Dog Collar Heavy Solid Brass Chain Choke Dog Collars

Size Guide         Fits Neck Sizes

Small 20”              15 - 18”

51 cm                   38 - 46 cm

Small / Med 22”     17” - 20”

56 cm                   43 - 51 cm

Medium 26”           18” - 22”

66 cm                   46 - 56 cm

Large 30”              21” - 27”

74 cm                   51 - 66 cm

Large 32”               23” - 28”

81 cm                    58 - 71 cm

Xlarge 36”             24” - 33”

91 cm                   61 - 84 cm     







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heavy 4mm chain dog collar

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